This Air-band Transceiver Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Sena equipped helmet directly without use of any addition items.

Note: If choosing this product, the base Vector 5 helmet can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time (Cell Phone or this 2-way radio) If you want both devices to be connected at the same time, upgrade to one of the SENA 10 options available in the store.

This Bluetooth Two-Way Radio allows you to use your existing SENA Bluetooth to listen to your music, talk on the phone, and have wireless connectivity to this two-way radio device via Bluetooth. This package comes with the Two-Way Radio. When transmission comes in, your music or phone call will be interrupted by the two-way radio call, or use the optional PTT button "which can be mounted anywhere including a throttle grip" to speak with local traffic or ATC.



-Compatible to connect with Sena Bluetooth device.

-This unit has a 2.5 mm PTT jack.

-Programmable memory names.

-ANL function on/off.

-TX: 118 to 136.975MHz

-RX: 108 to 136.975MHz

-Weather channels: 161.650 to 163.275MHz (the US only)

-5W (PEP) output power

-10 weather channels

-100 memory channels

-121.5MHz emergency frequency recall

-Semi-duplex operation

-Scanning of COM and NAV bands

-Dual watch function

-One touch selection of active and standby frequency

-Side tone function

-LCD back light

-PC Programmable

-Dimension: 5.5 inches x 2.25 inches x 1.3 inches (w/o antenna and clip)

-Antenna is 6.2 inches long.




Bluetooth Air-band Two-Way Radio Transceiver, SENA Direct Connect

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$249.00Sale Price